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Monday, April 21st, 2014.



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2014 The Voice TV Show

THE VOICE TV Show  Season six features coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira and Usher, who each pick vocalists for their individual teams. Carson Daly hosts. (2 Hours)

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2014 Dancing With The Stars TV Show

DANCING WITH THE STARS TV Show The competition will feature a new game changing twist called "The Switch Up". This season, America will be given the power to vote and change celebrities and professional dance pairings. This new rule will affect all couples as they will be required to switch partners at a point in the season. Never before have dance partnerships been split up during the course of competition. (2 Hours)

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2014 Two Broke Girls TV Show

TWO BROKE GIRLS TV Show  “And The New Lease On Life” When Max and Caroline find out the lease is up on their apartment, they’re forced to find the original tenant and have him re-sign, claiming he still lives there, or risk being evicted. Hal Linden guest stars as the original tenant. (30 Min)

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2014 Bones TV Show

BONES TV Show "" (1 Hour)

2014 Star Crossed TV Show

STAR-CROSSED TV Show "What Storm Is This That Blows So" A hurricane suddenly hits the town and everyone is trapped inside the school. Teri drugs Roman, which leaves him very paranoid and very angry. While drugged he says some very hurtful things to Emery that alter their relationship. Taylor convinces Drake that they should go public as a couple. However, when Grayson overhears the couple talking, he blackmails Drake into breaking up with Taylor. (1 Hour)

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2014 Friends With Better Lives TV Show

FRIENDS WITH BETTER LIVES TV Show “Game Sext Match” Will tries to be more adventurous by sexting with his new date, and Kate catches Jules and Andi planning Jules’ wedding without her. (30 Min)

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2014 Mike And Molly TV Show

MIKE AND MOLLY TV Show “Mike’s Manifold Destiny” Mike learns a lesson after his car breaks down and he’s forced to decide whether or not to accept a loan from Carl to fix it. (30 Min)

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2014 The Following TV Show

THE FOLLOWING TV Show "" (1 Hour)

2014 The Tomorrow People TV Show

THE TOMORROW PEOPLE TV Show "A Sort Of Homecoming" With the possible return of Roger on the horizon, everyone is concerned about the consequences if The Founder were to find out. Stephen now knows the truth about the machine The Founder has been using him to train in and needs John and Cara’s help to destroy it. (1 Hour)

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2014 Big Bang Theory TV Show

BIG BANG THEORY TV Show “The Raiders Minimization” Sheldon seeks revenge after Amy ruins one of his favorite movies.  Meanwhile, Leonard discovers a way to get Penny to do anything, and Raj and Stuart create online dating profiles. (OAD 10/10/13) (30 Min)

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2014 The Black List TV Show

THE BLACK LIST TV Show  "The Pavlovich Brothers" The Pavlovich brothers specialize in abductions of high value targets and according to Red, they are planning their next hit. While the team tries to protect the next target, Red has a job of his own for the Pavlovich Brothers. Elsewhere, Liz patiently tries to uncover the truth about Tom. (1 Hour)

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2014 Castle TV Show

CASTLE TV Show “That ‘70s Show” When construction workers find the body of an infamous New York mobster who disappeared in the seventies, Beckett and Castle try to solve this three decade-old Mafia hit. Unfortunately, their only witness is a man who thinks it’s still the 1970’s, so to uncover what he knows, they must play into his delusion, and party like it’s the last days of disco. (1 Hour)

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2014 NCIS Los Angeles TV Show

N.C.I.S.: LOS ANGELES TV Show “Recovery” Kensi goes undercover as a nutritionist and Deeks poses as a new patient at a rehab center to investigate the death of a Navy officer. William Russ guest stars as Martin Lake, owner of Tranquility Villa. (OAD 11/19/13) (1 Hour)

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