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Saturday, October 10th, 2015.


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8:00pm Eastern

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N.A.S.C.A.R. SPRINT CUP SERIES: CHARLOTTE (7:00)     Live coverage continues as The Nascar Sprint Cup Series continues its playoffs to determine the winner of the championship series and The Sprint Cup. (3 Hours)

E.S.P.N. College Football ABC TV Show

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Teams To Be Announced     E.S.P.N. presents live coverage. (3 Hours)

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Scorpion CBS TV Show

SCORPION     “Talismans” When a military plane is shot down in Bosnia, Team Scorpion must help recover its stealth technology before it falls into enemy hands. Meanwhile, Walter's sister takes a break from her MS treatment and spends time at the garage with Sylvester, on a rebroadcast, on a special night and time. (OAD 11/24/14) (1 Hour)

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College Football FOX TV Show

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: Teams To Be Announced     Live Coverage. Former USC quarterback Matt Leinart and NFL coach Dave Wannstedt are featured as analysts with host Rob Stone on a 30-minute college football pregame show originating live from the FOX Network Center in Los Angeles. The trio previews all the day’s college football news, with live game action airing immediately following the pregame show. (3 Hours)


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9:00pm Eastern

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Criminal Minds CBS TV Show

CRIMINAL MINDS     “If the Shoe Fits” The BAU is stumped to find the common denominator among male victims in Montana, making it difficult to profile the UnSub.  Also, JJ must confront her feelings about her sister’s tragic death, on a rebroadcast, on a special night. Candy Clark returns as JJ’s mother, Sandy Jareau.  (OAD 11/5/14) (1 Hour)


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10:00pm Eastern

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48 Hours Mystery CBS TV Show

48 HOURS MYSTERY     The staff of CBS News ask the public for new information that could help to solve an active police investigation. (1 Hour)

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